uPPP v0.8 by UFO-Pu55y

uPPP v0.8 by UFO-Pu55y SnD

– Use of PNG images with multiple levels of transparency.
– Supports 4 types of patches : offset,search pattern, registry,filedrop.
– (Sine-)Scroller instead of about box.
– Chiptune player, custom fonts, custom cursor, custom shit,…
– Simple encryption of patch-data-resources.
– Hyperlink function (of target URL.. extra long URLs are possible).
– Support for 64bit targeting (aware of Wow64 file redirection).

! Requires .NET Runtime 2.0 for the GUI !
! Check the Skin Guide for creating templates !

uPPP v0.8
– new: ‘pack and execute’ button in after-patch-created-dialog.
– fix: exceptions while creating patch into ‘visible’ folder (desktop or any other folder opended in explorer.exe).
– fix: crashes after applying file drop.
– fix: fix: offset patch dialog file comparison with huge amount of diffsslow/deadlocks.
– fix: slow comparison of original and patched files in ‘offset patch’ dialog.
– fix: packer console output not shown.

Download link1:http://adf.ly/7mBbE

Download link2: http://dl.vmall.com/c04rt6a49c


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